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now between aggravating president nicholas medora and the map defeated by chavez in ot. steve harrigan has more. >> reporter: the blast of predawn fireworks ushering in election day and a new era in venezuela, many waited for hours in line outside of polling p places pup once inside vensiansn used automated machines with touch screens and zipped their fingers in purple inc., markingg the end of a day-ten campaign. chavez ruled venezuela for 14 years. chavez is not physically with uu but he left us with a mandate. he left a task for us and we have here. >> reporter: nicholas maderoo acting president was hand picked by chavez.hav his campaign slogan has been, we are all chavez.have during the brief campaign, madero called himself chavez's political son. son the last presidential poll was this october, when the late chavez won his fourth term withw a record 80% turn-out.n-ou a state governor who lost to chavez in that election has been coming on strong this time around. he has been attacking madero, saying he's quote statementing a for imitation of the late president, un-quoit.n-qu a herm
are facing a whole string of charges. steve harrigan live in our south florida newsroom. the parents appeared before a judge; is that right? >> that's right, shepard, they were denied bail this morning at a court in florida. also, they are not allowed to have any contact with their two children and because there were two weapons on board that 25-foot sail boot, the charge they face of kidnapping could carry a life sentence, shepard. >> shepard: those grandparents seem mighty well put together after all of. this it was remarkable after what they have been through. the grandmother was zip tied and children were dragged thought their pajamas, her husband seemed every bit relieved and very proud grandfather. >> they are both very, very smart kids. it's amazing how smart they are. you know, they have the toys. they love their toys. the youngest one loves his little trucks and plays with them all the time. you know, the older one is in to more 4-year-old games and playing and, you know, they are just typical 4-year-old boys. >> it seems like what could be the start of a happy ending to a very bizar
president the devil. steve harrigan live with the latest from the poll, steve? >> harris, nicholas has been getting help from state controlled media and for that reason most polls have him ahead, but he has been make ago late surge and running on emotion, getting big clouds in the last week of voting and it's been an uphill battle and running against the ghost of chavez. a very close race anticipated, but right now, most polls favoring the man hugo chavez has been active president, harris. >> to make it clear why it matters to the u.s. who wins? >> certainly, venezuela, a major oil exporter the country with the most oil reserves in the world and a real difference in the candidates how they feel about the u.s., and he's already expelled two u.s. diplomates accusing of them of espionage and bad relations if he is elected. and they want much better elections, but the biggest change the policy makers hope to see is the end of one man rule in venezuela, something they hope comes to an end with this election after 14 years of hugo chavez, harris. >> we're watching it tonight and we expect the res
his challenger to demand a full recount. steve harrigan is live for us us in miami. steve, is this election over. >> reporter: it depends on what side you ask. maduro says it's all over it's a clean election. he squeaked by with a majority of 200,000 votes out of 15 million cast, that is a victory margin of just over 1%. the challenger says there were irregularities, he wants a full recount. if you look at the election board it's main here composed of government loyalists, so a recount is not likely. one thing is important to note, capra legs, s while saying the election is a fraud is not calling for his supporters to go out into the street. while it was a bitter fight so far it remains peaceful. heather: could the narrow win make it hard for madeuro to actually govern? >>> it shows several things, first that he's no hugo chavez. he would routinely win the le digits. it means that maduero may fac problems not only with the opposition but with the people. for the 50-year-old former bus driver he's in power now but holding onto that power could prove very difficult in the ye
their first court appearance and are charged with kidnapping among other things. steve harrigan is in miami. how are the boys doing, steve. >> reporter: they seem in good shape by all appearances. what we saw moments ago was highly unusual press conference, with dozens of cameras on the lawn of the grandparents house in tampa. the media was warned by the police, the sheriff's office not to mention there was a crime committed, that there was a kidnapping committed because the victims were babies, two boys, ages 4 and 2, coal and chase. they thought they were on vacation with their parents who actually kidnapped them from their grand parent house. the grand parents lost custody. they're back with the grandparents, in the grandparents house in tampa. the grandmother spoked media. thanked the police and thanked the media and repeated warning not mention anything about the crime that had just been committed. here is the ground mother. >> they have been told everyone heard about their sailboat trip to cuba, another country as they called it. and their airplane right back to america. that everyone
. memorial day habill hemmer has been up all night. molly line is in watertown, massachusetts. steve harrigan has the latest checks on thon the chechen suspects. martha maccallum right here with us in the studio up to speed with what is going on with all the breaking developments. all hands on deck as we mentioned. we want to start with you i will b bill in boston as you covered this developing part, this khapt chapter and shore -- khapt sister and storchapter through the night. >> we do not know where suspect one is at the moment. we don't know if he's been accounted for, accounted for him sepl. whether or not the stew different shootouts we witnessed in the town of watertown massachusetts resulted in anything. we are waiting for police to brief us on. us we are the near the finish line on boylston street. watertown, massachusetts is ten miles west of here up the charles river, a town of about 30,000 that has woken up to a lockdown today. businesses have been told not to open, police have one telling residence there to stay home. and they've been telling people driving their cars, simply st
on cuban soil but some considered to be victims of political oppression. >> steve harrigan. thank you. >> the u.s. military on alert and warning north korea could launch a missile any time now. something that south korean leaders agree has a high chance of happening soon. what would that mean? >> the journalist who could have to spill her sources or wind up in jail. she's due in court minutes from now and we're live there. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depresd mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chanti if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or otr mental health proems, which coul
this year. >> polls show the race tightening to be the new president in venezuela. steve harrigan on the unusual fight to succeed a most unusual figure. >> reporter: brief campaign to replace hugo chavez has been loud, bitter and weird. acting president as hand picked successor, claims mercenaries backed by u.s. officials tried to assassinate him. american scientists i knock kliatd chavez with cancer. inside the chapel a little bird flew around him, a bird that was in fact the spiritual reincarnation of hu govern chavez. >> how happy chavez must be looking down from heaven, leading us to victory. >> reporter: magical birds and assassination plotted may prove more effective on the campaign trail after 14 years of years of hugo chavez, shortages of basic items like sugar, meat and electricity in a nation with the largest oil reserves in the world. a state governor who lost to chavez six months ago by 11 points, now has to beat his ghost. ghost. maduro's campaign slogan, i am [ male announcer ] what are happy kids made of? bikes and balloons, and noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze,
steve harrigan with the story of one last reunion for historic band of brothers. >> we're going to go do some flying. >> after you. >> at age 97, colonel dick kohl is still able to climb the steps of the bomber he jumped from 71 years ago. >> looking down at that black hole, it was probably the scariest time in the whole flight. [engine starting] >> traffic 125: >> 1942, the u.s. military had the ability to launch bombers from an aircraft carrier. it did not have the ability to land bombers on an aircraft carrier. a fact all 80 men who volunteered for the mission under colonel james do little understood. >> that was the name of the game. there wasn't any chance of getting back on the carrier. >> your air plane. >> once they dropped their 400 or 500 bombs all 16 planes crashed, most over china. 69 of the 80 men who bailed out or crash landed survived. [bell] >> attention. >> four do little raiders are alive today but none are forgotten. >> that's one of the purposes is to remember the other people that are not here in person but they are here in here. >> the successful raid over tokyo, so
muslim population. steve harrigan has been to the chechnya during two wars and lived with the rebels and with the russian army. you have extensive knowledge what chechen rebels wanted in this world. what did you learn? >> i think one of those chechen rebels changed during ten years of warfare. that an important point to make. this was not ordinary war. it was really a brutal war and war without rules. anyone who has walked the battlefield and seen entire villages obliterated or capital city once home to half a million people like rubble, it was like walking on the moon. understand this was a brutal war on both sides. it would be naive to think there is no connection between basically a generation of kitchen minimum being wiped out and this terror attack. on the flip side we have seen a series of terror strikes from the khich ens mainly in the beginning against russia. even against an elementary school, but we've seen a progression from russia and then over the years, kitchen rebels turning up in other locations, in iraq and afghanistan fighting against coalition forces and now agains
and beyond the u.s. military. in miami, steve harrigan, fox news. >> shannon: when we come back, latest on american pastor imprisoned in iran for his religious beliefs. the news is not good. you need to hear it. prosecution rests in the gosnel trial after weeks of gruesome testimony about what went on allegedly at his abortion clinic. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] a classic meatloaf recipe from stouffer's starts with ground beef, onions and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care, for you or your family. when i first felt the diabetic nerve pain, of course, i had no idea what it was. i felt like my feet were going to sleep. it progressed from there to burning like i was walking on hot coals to like a thousand bees that were just stinging my feet. i have a great relationship with my doctor. he found lyrica for me. [ female announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for ev
and getting them home where they'll be safe again. martha: steve harrigan is live in miami. steve when a har oink experience for -- harrowing experience for pretty much everybody involved in this. where is everybody now? >> reporter: that plane from cuba arrived in florida about 1:30am. all four family members were on board but the two parents were handcuffed, kept separate from the four-year-old son and the 2-year-old son. they are now in jail in florida facing a series of charges, the most serious one is kidnapping. this week-long effort to recover the family was really a joint operation between the f.b.i., the coast guard as well as the local sheriff's office. >> it's unusual for people to flee to other countries, it's a little unusual the way this happened, of course with cuba's close proximity, you know, it can happen. i will say too we did -- the family dog is also -- we had the family dog in custody and he's being returned with the children, so he will be with the kid tonight. >> reporter: the couple lost custody of their two sons last summer after a bizarre incident when police found
now venezuelans are heading to the polls to choose a new president. steve harrigan is live to explain what we know about the two candidates vying to replace the late hugo chavez. steve. >> eric, after 14 years of hugo chavez, it's a real tough battle in venezuela today to see who will finally replace him. on the one side you have his hand picked successor, nicholas moduro, a one time bus driver and foreign minister. his basic campaign platform is i am chavez. he vows to continue chavez's heavy aid to venezuela's poor and his anti-u.s. policies. he is already as acting president expelled two u.s. diplomats accusing them of spying. he faces enrique caprillez, a younger governor who wants better relations with the u.s. and stop government privatization of private industry. whoever wins will still have a very tough time trying to govern venezuela. the country despite having the world's largest oil reserves has basic shortages of food items like butter and meat and electricity power outages. if this is a close vote we could see street protests as well. it has been a very bitter fight the p
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)